Living Histories and Memorials

LIVING HISTORIES are personal, broadcast quality documentaries of you, your family or friends, captured in video format. These five-minute, half hour, or one-hour programs preserve precious memories  as recalled by those who lived the experience.

We offer three storytelling platforms:


 Births, graduations, engagements, weddings, business openings 
or any significant event that impacts an individual. On this format you may
choose to update and add new segments as time goes on.


Family histories as shared by multiple generations.


Autobiographies of an individual family member or friend.

All LIVING HISTORIES are taped at the location of your choice, and utilize state of the art equipment for recording and editing. Because every recorded history is a unique story, the process begins with a pre-production meeting to gather information for a program outline and professionally narrated opening, as well as possible inclusion of still photographs, music of your choice, and an optional mix of narration throughout.

Pricing varies with complexity of each LIVING HISTORIES project, but generally ranges between $495 for a five-minute program, $1,500 for one half hour, and $2,500 for one full hour.

Each completed project includes three DVDs for sharing. Additional copies are available upon request and are priced at $5.00 each.

A free consultation and firm quote is always given before scheduling a production.



Capturing the lifetime of a departed loved one through a mix of photo stills, enhanced with music segues, professional narration, and interviews with family and friends.

The production process and pricing are identical to LIVING HISTORIES.

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