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Our newest release from Artistic Media Associates, Inc. 

Samantha Gillogly's

The Golden Arrow and Other Tales

A forsaken princess must leave her room for the first time in her life...

   to rescue her father’s kingdom.

Three knights are bound to protect a city...

   by satisfying a ravenous dragon’s thirst for blood.

An old widow’s handsome new companion never speaks...

   but that’s the least mysterious thing about him.

An enchanted weapon bestows unlimited power upon the one who wields it...

   but at a price.

In this debut collection of short fiction, Samantha Gillogly weaves a quartet of original tales from the threads of classic European fairy story tradition. Fresh with imagination, yet familiarly antique in tone, The Golden Arrow and Other Tales enchants with new stories about timeless archetypes that feel as though they’ve always been with us.
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Suggested retail price:   $7.99 USD     £5.29 GBP      €7.06 EUR